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Lauren Rader's latest work is at once spare and evocative. Her canvases work as windows on a hidden space where color and line speak memory and mood. Some are serene and meditative – monochromatic expressions that seem a distilled essence, free of everyday clutter and turmoil. Others dance, their colors and forms teasing the eye to a place of airy mystery, full of possibilities yet unknown. Rader’s sculptures, drawings and paintings are in numerous private and corporate collections, have been exhibited at the White House and were selected by the Arts in Embassy Program for the U.S. Embassy in Fiji.

Available paintings by Lauren Rader

Lauren Rader has recently published a book called STUDIO STORIES: Illuminating Our Lives Through Art, which is about the creative process and Lauren's emphatic belief, born of four decades of teaching and making art, that we all have a vital and instinctive need to create.

"There is so much power in these stories. The power of art. The power of women. The beautiful power of women in the act of creating. These are stories of courage and liberation."
—Tom Ashbrook, host, NPR's On Point

"Studio Stories runs deep. It offers readers close encounters with art-making and its persistent power to help us see who we are and might yet become."
—Michael Roth, president, Wesleyan University; former president, California College of the Arts