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Leonie Lacouette's handmade contemporary wall clocks feature crisp, clean lines and are assembled using various geometric shapes made of hand-colored copper, brushed stainless steel, brass, nickel silver, wood and other materials. Quiet, swaying pendulums create a calming effect.

Over 25 years ago, Lacouette started making clocks, as a practical way to make a living while using the aesthetic training she'd received in art school. It all began when she needed a clock for her studio, and noticed an ad in a magazine for a company selling clock mechanisms. Ordering five, she used one to make her own timepiece, and then made four more to sell. They sold out immediately, and she's been making clocks ever since.

Working from her rural studio in upstate New York, Lacouette contrasts her life today with her youth, spent growing up in mid-town Manhattan. "I like the simplicity of my current work's design. Coming from Manhattan, everything was go-go-go, always accumulating more stuff-stuff-stuff, having lots of things. It feels great to have something simple and beautiful, a style that I can call my own."

Available Hand Made Contemporary Clocks from Leonie Lacouette