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Founded in 1986, Mikutowski Woodworking is the definition of “small but mighty”. MikWood specializes in handmade, high quality wooden boxes and is located in North Eastern Wisconsin/Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Many are shocked to learn the fine woodworking shop employs only five people to take raw lumber through the hands-on production process. Another three employees bring the finished product through the invoicing, packing, and shipping stages as well as provide excellent customer service. Despite the small workforce, MikWood manages to produce about 30 different products and sells to high-end galleries from coast to coast.

In pursuit of a superior product, handmade jigs, custom pieces and even equipment are all designed by the woodworkers. The woodworking techniques may be described as “old-school”, but it only adds to the character of the line. Each piece is still expertly hand sanded to a smooth buttery finish. In addition, all products are finely detailed by hand. Aside from the laser engraving machine, no computerized equipment is utilized. In fact, most of the equipment in the shop dates to the 1940s. Each MikWood piece is certainly deserving of its “handcrafted” designation!

Whether it’s a small desk item or a six-drawer jewelry chest, the passion is evident in the masterful workmanship and fine details of each piece. From the signature inlay work to carefully chosen lumber, each piece is handled with the utmost care and dedication. One of the main goals is to allow the wood’s natural grain to shine through in the final product. Therefore, no stain is used in the manufacturing process. Only a clear lacquer is applied to the pieces in order to give a beautiful luster and protection.

Materials for MikWood pieces are selected with an eye not only towards beauty and function, but also towards environmental responsibility. Since the MikWood line includes very small items such as desk boxes as well as very large pieces, waste materials are reduced to a minimum. Small pieces of “scrap” are used in detail work and smaller items. Any remaining wood is donated or sold to area schools, other artisans, and elderly care service programs.

Over 30 years ago, Mikutowski Woodworking was started by Mike and Liz Mikutowski. In December of 2017, Mike and Liz sold their business to Dan and Jessie Chernetski. The same high attention detail, quality and craftsmanship will continue on in both the products made and the customer service provided. The hope is to continue Mikutowski Woodworking for the next 30+ years to come!

All Mikutowski Woodworking jewelry boxes, picture frames, and other items are handmade in the United States.

Available Hand Made Wooden Jewelry Boxes, Desk Boxes and Book Ends from Mikutowski Woodworking