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Designing glass applications for more than 25 years, Sandie Charlton and her sons, John and Chad, from Charlton Glassworks have revived the ancient art of combining glass and metal. The individually hand-cut copper pieces are fused between layers of glass to form functional pieces of art. The 1500-degree kiln turns the copper into unique, fiery images. The result of the 18-hour heating and cooling cycle is a durable, yet beautiful piece of glass art.

Fused glass is the act of melting multiple layers of glass together. This is often combined with the use of inclusions (i.e. copper foil). At Charlton Glassworks, it is safe to say, we have tried to fuse almost everything on the planet between layers of glass. Some results are really cool; while others go straight to the dumpster.

Although the science of glass fusing can be rather complex, the basic premise is simple. Whatever elements you are fusing must expand and contract at the same ratio. There are different glass compositions, thus not all types of glass can be fused together. This same principal holds true to the inclusions. It is safe to assume that most fused glass does not incorporate inclusions; rather it is composed of layers of colored glass.

Available Fused Copper and Glass Objects by Charlton Glassworks